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A Bullish Period For Bitcoin – $250 Trillion In Asset Looking For Ultimate Store Value

The CEO of Microstrategy, a Nasdaq-listed billion-dollar company, has brought a strong bull case to the world of bitcoin. He says that there is $250 trillion of assets looking to invest in the ultimate store of value, and bitcoin offers a better store of value as compared to tech stocks or gold. So, plenty of monetary power is going to flow from the ocean of assets to the pond of cryptocurrency. 

  • Comparison Of Bitcoin To Invest Early In Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook

In last week’s webcast with the CEO of hedgeye Keith McCullough and Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor stated highly bullish care for bitcoin price. The Microstrategy company invested $425 million as the primary reserve asset in the bitcoin.

Saylor started with an explanation that he has always been a great tech investor and advised others about figuring out the things about technology that is going to impact the world. Fortunately, if you are right, you can own it, hold it and look for the opportunity. The CEO of Microstrategy gave the example of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, repeatedly focusing that it did not matter when you purchased those tech stocks. What matters is when you purchased Google, Apple, Facebook, or Amazon at the time between 2010 and 2020; it is not possible to have lost single money during the whole decade. Thus, your investment inaccuracy would be trying to overcome the market on those tech stocks.

The CEO of MicroStrategy added: first time in the world’s history, bitcoin is only the software network that can pull monetary value. Thus, bitcoiners have sorted out something that will bring a thing of beauty and a tremendous amount. He elaborated, “they are attracting pure monetary power on a network.

  • Bitcoin Is Not So Volatile

It is one of the classic objections among the investors that they have a great interest in bitcoin volatility. In this matter of subject, saylor said that he has been analyzing the different assets’ volatility over the last four to five months. Moreover, he compared the volatility of 10-year treasuries, 30-years treasuries, the NASDAQ, gold, silver, the Russell 2000, Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and many more after he compared it to bitcoin volatility.

He concluded that investors are more interested in using Apple stock’s store value because it is deflationary. Though Apple is buying back the shares in the open market, and investors may think that it is not going anywhere, but the truth is Apple has been more volatile than bitcoin for the past quarter month.

  • Bitcoin Offers A Better Store Of Value As Compared To Gold And Apple’s Stock

Apart from being the favorite store of value for the investors, apple and gold-stock are not as good as bitcoin to provide an excellent value store. He explained that these stores of value worked tremendously in the past because there were no other options. But now, bitcoin is a digital gold form that has a better store of value than gold, tech stock, or any other assets.

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