Verified accounts are utilized by Twitter scammers to deceive crypto holders

Scammers hunting for potential victims Twitter are shifting to a fresh tactic. They simply grasp accounts, which have been already verified by Twitter itself.

The previous week, it turned out that scammers had started creating accounts mimicking the Tron Foundation as well as Justin Sun, its founder. The publication found out that one of the verified accounts, which appeared to be fake, had the real Tron Foundation’s Twitter content copied. What’s more it even copied its pinned tweet that warned folks to beware of imposter accounts.

The account deceived people by simply posting a link to a crypto wallet and asking for donations, pledging to send 4-10 back to the first 200 folks, who dare to contribute. The given move is just an escalation of prior attempts to have Twitter users deceived, wherein fraudsters simply created their own fake accounts with the aim of copying developers as well as other well-known personalities in the crypto world. Several fake accounts succeeded in maintaining their verification badges.

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