Venezuelan president claims huge demand for national digital currency

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela president told that the authorities have received over 171,000 certified purchase orders for the country’s upcoming crypto asset dubbed “petro.”

On Twitter, the president dared to claim that approximately 40.8% of the purchase orders were in American dollars, 18.4% were in ethereum, 33.8% in bitcoin, while euros accounted for 6.5%.

He added that bids for perto token were placed by over 3,500 companies. As for the remaining 82,000 buyers, they happened to be individuals.

However, it’s still unknown that who the buyers are. Certification procedures haven’t been disclosed yet too.

Notwithstanding these remarks, the Caracas Chronicles stressed that no petro tokens have been distributed to any potential buyers yet.

Apparently, a glance at the NEM transaction ledger demonstrates that the country’s petro address still boasts ownership of about 100 million tokens.

The previous week Maduro ascertained that the petro-presale managed to collect up to $735 million for the first day.

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