Top 5 cryptoassets with lowest risk level

In a rapidly developing market, there are hundreds of alternative options, and each attracts, but at the same time pushes away its obscurity. Cryptocurrency goes extremely high and fells down to the ground, so I tried to make clear 5 of the most low-risking cryptocurrencies for the 2018 year (or even further).


№5: Dash

Official website:


An open decentralized payment system in the form of cryptocurrency on the basis of a blockade. Now there is its active introduction and development as a way of payment of various goods.

Arguments in favor of DASH:

  • Dash is taken in 13,000 retail outlets in Brazil (there is an active introduction).
  • The block size has recently been increased to 2 MB, and now the increase to 5 MB is already discussed (active development).
  • It takes an honorable place in the top 10 of the Crypto-currency by capitalization.

Growth perspective: 100-1000%

Risk level: 5/10


№4: Monero

Official website:


A cryptocurrency that provides complete anonymity of transfers through ring sign technology. Transactions are mixed so that they cannot be tracked.

Arguments in favor of Monero:

  • Recognition in society.
  • Complete anonymity.
  • Security.
  • Active development.
  • It takes an honorable place in the top 10 of the Crypto-currency for capitalization.

Dark side:

  • It is very in demand in Darknet to pay for goods and services.

Growth perspective: 300-500%.

Risk level: 2/10


№3: NEO

Official website:


Neo is a non-commercial project that uses blocking technology and digital identification to digitize assets and then automate their management using smart contracts and the implementation of a smart economy with a distributed network.

Arguments in favor of NEO:

  • Cooperation with companies known around the world (Microsoft, Alibaba).
  • Low commission for transfers.
  • The NEO system uses advanced technology of smart contracts.
  • Support for most popular programming languages.

Prospects for growth: 200-1000%

Risk level: 3/10


№2: Ripple

Official website:


Cryptocurrency is aimed at reducing of commission per cross-border transfers and its acceleration. It mediates transactions between different currencies on its platform with an extremely low commission and also has one of the fastest transfer rates.

Arguments in favor of Ripple:

  • Excellent reputation.
  • Fast transaction speed.
  • Availability on most sites.
  • Cooperation of large banks with this currency.

Prospects for growth: 500-2000%

Risk level: 4/10


№1: Ethereum

Official website:


ETH is a decentralized stage with smart contracts – applications that work simply like modified with no probability of downtime, oversight, extortion or outsider impedance. Ethereum enables engineers to make markets, keep registers of obligations or guarantees, exchange reserves as per directions before (for instance, will or fates contract) and numerous different things that have not been imagined yet, all without a normal individual or counterparty chance.

Arguments in favor of Ethereum:

  • Using of smart contracts are supported.
  • The possibility to create your own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform.
  • More than 80% of altcoins were made on the base of the Ethereum platform, which is the second most popular cryptocurrency.
  • Relatively low spending costs on the transactions.
  • Very active development.
  • Attracted significant investments from such companies as Microsoft, IBM, Sberbank, etc.

Prospects for growth: 500-1000%

Risk level: 1/10

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