All the Top-100 cryptocurrencies went “green”

Cryptocurrency market, which was “buried” several times in the past weeks, finally shows steady growth. Investors optimism and the positive expectations of market participants for the first time in 2018 were stronger than panic sells and FUD.

So let’s get into brief market research.

Global cryptocurrency market cap, which fell from over $ 700 bln to $ 400 bln partially restored its positions and at the time of writing now stands at $ 600 bln.

All the top 100 currencies on show double-digit growth. BTC had risen to a strategical level of $12,000 after his bearish crusade below $10,000.

The ETH grew by more than a third, Ripple gone from $0.9 to almost $1.7. Some tokens like TRON and MediBloc doubled in less than a day. And who would have thought: BitConnect took a spring for over 380%, despite the recent bad news.

Everything points that the market is ready for a new leap. The time will tell.

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