Jaxx Wallet Review

Jaxx is an excellent bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wallet. Its available for all devices that you know – Windows, Apple, Linux etc; also on tablets and smartphones; like extensions in Firefox and Chrome.

Let see, how Jaxx stands out among others wallets.

First of all – beautiful design, minimalist and serious, in black color. But better than a design is a simple interface. No matter, how hard for you to cope with the technologies sometimes, Jaxx’s interface will be understandable for anyone.

When you click on the “Menu”, you will meet all needed features like:

– Use different exchange rates

– Import funds from a paper wallet

– Set up transaction fee for faster or slower confirmations

– Add or remove different currency support

– Display the private of the wallet

– Wallet backup

– Set a security PIN

And if you have any questions to one of these features, how it works or other, you can always look slightly to the right and see the info button.

You can not believe, but this little Bitcoin wallet can maintain such a main altcoins like Dash, Ethereum (ETH and ETC), Zcash (ZEC), Augur (REP), Litecoin (LTC), RSK.


Jaxx Wallet Features
Jaxx Wallet Features

If you want to change or remove the currency, Jaxx gives the easy way – just go to “Menu”, then to “Wallets” and choose the currency that you need.

Almost forgot, Jaxx has another great advantage – integrated ShapeShift. Who doesn’t know, it is an exchange service for converting between coins and blockchain tokens. ShapeShift built-in only into Jaxx, so you can do conversion between all currencies, supported by Jaxx. Find the fox icon in the app, click on it, and feel free to decide, how much you want to exchange.

If you have any doubts or issues, you can go to the wallet’s homepage. There are an FAQ page and system for solving problems with tickets, all at your service.

But here is my advice – although Jaxx is a great hot wallet, don’t keep big amounts on it. Better use a hardware wallet like TREZOR, Keepkey or LedgerWallet. It’s just an observation, but the choice is yours. As for small every day amounts, Jaxx is the best choice.

Download Jaxx Wallet now!

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iOS Mobile & Tablet
OS X Desktop
Chrome Browser Extension
Windows Desktop (x64)  |  Desktop (x86)
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