A fresh smartphone will make you 100% crypto safe

With small-scale and large cyber attacks costing ordinary people and exchanges their hard-earned crypto assets at first sight nothing could make crypto followers’ life safer. Fortunately, a German cybersecurity company dubbed Sikur rolled out a smartphone specially developed to protect your assets from even the brightest hackers.

Uncovered at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, in addition to a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5.5-inch full-HD display the SIKURPhone boasts built-in crypto software wallet.

As CNBC states, Sikur had professional hackers hired for the purpose of assaulting the handset on all fronts. The company ascertains that none of the cyber attacks turned to be effective after intense hacking tests, which lasted for two months

Aside from that, the company intends to release their secure crypto platform outside of the handset itself.

Sikur’s cryptocurrency-focused smartphone should be regarded as a cutting-edge reaction to strengthening worries as for securing crypto assets, which appear to be extremely vulnerable to scams.

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