The first real estate deal in bitcoin in Spain

Headquartered in Barcelona, a Spanish real estate company has managed to have an apartment sold for bitcoin. Undoubtedly, that’s another firm sign that digital currencies enter the mainstream.

Mister Piso has successfully sold the very first piece of real estate in the country by means of bitcoin, participating in the legal tender. As the company hopes, the given deal is a powerful evidence that an inevitable shift into cryptocurrency will drastically step up sales and help the housing sector to recover.

As similar digital currencies, bitcoin has confidently earned popularity since its emergence in 2009. However, many people still don’t know why cryptocurrencies are so appealing to consumers and businesses.

From the very beginning, bitcoin was developed to serve as a sort of alternative to today’s financial system, including banks, various regulatory bodies, etc. it works because as other currencies, bitcoin was developed as a peer-to-peer platform, capable of functioning without any major body to store the data closely connected with transactions. To put that another way, sellers and also property purchasers have an opportunity to hinder the influence of financial institutions and considerably diminish the overall cost of commissions by utilizing bitcoin.

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