First executive director is appointed by Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The first executive director has been already appointed by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Today the open-source blockchain consortium revealed that Ron Resnick, ex-president as well as chairman of the AirFuel Alliance is going to rule the organization.

As the organization’s press release states, the newly-appointed director is expected to stimulate the overall progress of the organization, engage with all team members and rekindle the productive development of high-quality content. With a rich experience and impressive background, he’s more than just capable of guiding the company through the challenging period of fast expansion and surge.

To back his professional worthiness Ron has rolled out up to 25 years of versatile experience in financial, business and technical development.  Before ruling the Air Fuel Alliance, Ron also occupied an executive post at Intel, not to mention leading the board of the WiMax Forum actually involved in developing 4G mobile broadband solutions.

Ron Resnick ascertains his new position suggests driving the further development of cutting-edge Ethereum-based technology practices, open-source reference architectures as well as open standards to transform the cryptocurrency into an enterprise-grade technology.

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