The first crypto sale in Venezuela raises $735 million

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuelan president ascertains his country has managed to raise up to $735 million for the first day of a sale for Venezuela’s digital currency dubbed “petro.”

Maduro didn’t provide any evidence to support that claim. However, the messaging showed up on his official Twitter account.

The Associated Press and Reuters told that no information about who injected funds in the pre-sale was offered by the president, who uncovered the outcomes during Tuesday’s national broadcast.

Maduro told that the launch of petro appeared to be a huge step into the high-tech century for this country. He even dared to say that the newly-released cryptocurrency is capable of taking on Superman.

Launched on Tuesday, the country’s first crypto presale is expected to last into March.

As previously reported, the fresh Venezuelan digital currency is supported by crude and from yesterday it’s firmly tied to the commodity’s market price.

Meanwhile, representatives of the country’s opposition find this launch illegal.

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