Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 12/02/2018

Three European watchdogs warn against high risks of investing in crypto assets

Three EU regulators supervising banking, securities and pensions rolled out a joint warning to all EU citizens regarding investing in digital currencies. Pointing out to the crypto markets’ wild fluctuations, lack of regulations as well as the enormous potential for severe losses, the three major EU financial regulators warned anyone of high risks of holding or purchasing digital currencies. Read more


Chief Lagarde: Cryptocurrency regulation worldwide is absolutely inevitable

The head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde is absolutely assured that international regulatory action on digital currencies is absolutely inevitable, considering the huge potential of digital currencies for various illegal actions, such as money laundering, for instance. However, she stressed that the regulatory direction needs to be activity-based, so it needs focus on who’s doing this whether he or she is supervised and licensed in the proper way. Read more


ICO oversight is going to stepped up by Fintech

A self-regulatory association, deriving support from China’s securities as well as banking sectors is all geared up to increasing its oversight over digital currencies as well as ICOs this year. Read more


Gaming Blockchain Committee is created by Gaming Standard Association

The Gaming Standards Association Europe along with the Gaming Standards Association have managed to create a revolutionary new Technical Committee having to do with blockchain use.  Read more


Mobile app with built-in crypto wallet is presented by NYNJA

A mobile technology and global communications company, NYNJA Group has rolled out a global communications application built around blockchain. The application comes with a built-in digital marketplace as well as a cryptocurrency wallet. The built-in marketplace enables users to sell and purchase services and products around the globe. Read me


Crypto mining malware infect over 4,000 websites

A great number of websites worldwide, including numerous ones run by authorities, have been infected by frauds by means of the websites’ computing power for the purpose of mining crypto assets, as one security researcher uncovered. As a result, up to 4.000 websites were infected. Read more


Only renewable energy is required to mine crypto assets

Crypto mining eats up tons of electricity and it has already become as serous issue threatening to heavily affect the global economy. That’s why renewable energy is must-have to crypto mining. Read more

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