Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 8/02/2018

Blockchain hearing will be held by US Congress on Valentine’s Day

The US House of Representative or to be exact its subcommittees on Space, Science and Technology are on the verge of holding a meeting solely devoted to blockchain on Valentine’s Day.  Read more


George W. Bush: blockchain cold war is over there!

An ex-deputy national security advisor and an ex-deputy assistant to American President named George W. Bush, who previously greatly contributed to inventing the financial embargoes, cutting off terrorist financing after 9/11, stressed that digital currencies could be employed to have all of his creations undermined. Read more


Lawsuit over stolen crypto funds threatens T-Mobile

Being one of the leading US mobile carriers, nevertheless T-Mobile isn’t immune to lawsuits. So the company has recently stumbled on it. One of its clients has filed a lawsuit against the US wireless provider after hackers thieved his digital currency portfolio. From his point of view, the company turned to be unable to ensure sufficient security. As a result, a sum equivalent to several thousand US dollars has been stolen. Read more


Cen Bank: stay away from crypto trading!

Qatar’s major financial institution, Cen Bank has just reminded the country’s banks that crypto trading is forbidden in Qatar. The newly-issued instructions urged banks in Qatar not to deal with cryptocurrencies in any way, including receiving or sending payments in these assets and opening accounts.  Read more


Criminals might shift to litecoin from bitcoin

It feels like everybody from ordinary folks to financial monsters, such Goldman Sachs has jumped with both feet into the crypto world for the last year. Nevertheless, some people are really concerned with breaking up bitcoin. These are criminals. They’re totally dissatisfied with bitcoin transacting as it has become less affordable for the last time. Read more


Jordi Visser: cryptocurrencies won’t generate defaults

Chief investment officer at Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers, a hedge fun with capitalization of $1.3 billion told that the global economy is currently shifting from the industrial epoch to a new era with gadgets supplanting complex infrastructure. He added that perhaps in the nearer future 3D printing might exclude the necessity of raising capital via traditional means. In this world digital currencies won’t generate defaults as long-term borrowing will be useless. Read more

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