Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 6/02/2018

Bitcoin transactions won’t be banned by Australia’s key financial institutions

While American and EU banks forbid purchasing this asset with credit cards, in Australia the biggest financial institutions have already confirmed that they aren’t preventing folks from buying crypto assets. Read more


Doug Barrowman and Baroness team up to start crypto investment platform

Baroness and Doug Barrowman, investor team up for the purpose of launching a brand new crypto investment platform, expected to make venture capital available to a wider audience, thus providing access to high-growth tech businesses. Read more


The first crypto retail store in Africa is opened by Bitmart

The first crypto retail store in Africa has been opened by Bitmart. Intriguing ctypto merchandise, including T-shirts, Cryptomatic watches, graphics cards, caps, hardware wallets, motherboards and so on.  What’s more – the company is launching a crypto hub and rolls out a special bitcoin ATM, so any customer could make his or her transactions. Read more


Australia will have bitcoin gambling banned

Northern Territory Racing Commission, Australia’s gambling regulator has already issued an informal ban targeting all cryptocurrency gambling with the active use of ethereum and bitcoin. Several days before the ban one of its licensed online gambling web portals informed bitcoin is already available to its clients. Read more


The US authorities are attempting to get coordinated for better bitcoin regulation

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary is currently taking the lead on bringing together a number of federal government agencies for coordinating regulation of crypto assets.  That’s what the chief of two financial regulatory commissions uncovered on Tuesday. Read more


Hong Kong and China will have all crypto assets hunted down

As China’s key financial institution has recently uncovered, it’s all geared up towards regulating all crypto-related deeds as well as businesses across the country. The newly-imposed clampdown is expected to hunt down all the services, having to do with bitcoin trading. It actually applies to both Hong Kong and Mainland China. Read more


Augustín Carstens: cruptocurrencies shouldn’t join major financial system

The general manager of the Bank for International Settlements named Augustín Carstens heavily criticized bitcoin, labeling it as a true environment disaster and a bubble generator. He stressed that regulators shouldn’t allow crypto assets to merge with the major financial system. Read more

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