Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 5/02/2018

North Korea and bitcoin: the last chance of the isolated regime   

In spite of the fact, North Korea is good at making provocative actions, which have drastically worsened relationships with neighbors, the isolated regime has shockingly became the very centre of crypto revolution.  Some even accuse North Korea of causing the fresh insane price fluctuations. However, it’s just another good way to offset tough financial sanctions. Read more


Bitcoin buying via credit cards is blocked by Lloyds Banking

A key Britain-based banking institution is reportedly preventing its clients from making use of credit cards when it comes to purchasing bitcoin as well as other digital currencies. As the BBC informed, the clampdown actually applies to the Lloyds Banking Group’s up to 8 million credit card holders. The measure will take effect on February 5. The bank is afraid that being overwhelmed with crypto euphoria clients will keep purchasing digital assets with credit and will be unable to have their debit paid if the market slumps. Read more


Investors are warned against ICO risks by UAE

In the United Arab Emirates a financial regulator has rolled out a warning to local folks on the potential risk of opting for so-called initial coin offerings. The risks are mainly represented by extremely volatile price fluctuations. Read more


Crown prince hopes to restore family’s wealth via digital currency

In Liechtenstein, bitcoin is considered to be the king of digital assets. In this microstate situated in Central Europe, Crown Prince Alois informed that his family is currently explores ways to restore their wealth, while bitcoin is expected to be a good candidate for this role. Undoubtedly, for such an ultra-conservative thing as monarchy, shifting to crypto assets is mind-blowing. Read more


Traditional bank ATMs are supplanted by bitcoin ones despite price sink  

Notwithstanding declining digital currencies, the installation of bitcoin ATMs has gone up for the last months. In general, every day up to 5 bitcoin ATMs show up. Read more


Mastercard and Visa intricate buying bitcoin as well as other digital currencies

The previous week bitcoin fans started coming across extra fees on their bank statements. It’s because Mastercard along with Visa made up their mind to change the way cryptocurrencies  are processed within their networks. The move generated a slew of challenges for the crypto world.  Read more

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