Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 28/02/2018

Crypto monitoring is expanded overseas by Chinese police

China’s police are currently expanding its internet monitoring, paying particular attention to international cryptocurrency activities. The effort has emerged as part of the country’s efforts to avert money laundering, investment fraud and pyramid schemes from platforms accessible to China’s investors. Read more


Japan’s electricity company utilizes solar power to mine crypto assets

Japan’s power producer and supplier, Japan’s Kumamoto-Energy has uncovered that it has recently started making use of solar power with the aim of mining crypto assets. That’s another example of how despite everlasting environmental hysteria crypto mining can contribute to a greener future via the use of renewable energy. Read more


Crypto lending service is launched by Genesis Trading

A big institutional market maker for crypto assets, Genesis Global Trading Inc has got down to a lending activity. From this moment the company will enable businesses and investors to borrow crypto assets with the maximum equivalent of $100,000 or even more. As for terms, they’re fixed enough varying from just two weeks to up to six months. Loans are going to be available in ether, XRP, bitcoin and zcash. Read more


HSBC considers piloting live blockchain payments

HSBC, international banking giant is getting closer to testing blockchain in its live transactions. The financial institution considers launching a number of pilot programs built around currently existing proof-of-concept projects.  The move is expected to ensure a smooth shift to live blockchain transactions.  Read more


CFTC allows employees to trade crypto assets

CFTC has finally allowed its staff members to invest in digital currencies, as a recent report uncovered. While the agency’s employees may invest in crypto assets, margin trading and crypto futures are still unavailable to them. Aside from that the use of insider information obtained at their workplace isn’t allowed too. Read more


Buying coffee for bitcoin won’t be taxed in Germany  

Bitcoin users aren’t going to be taxed for utilizing crypto assets as a means of payment in Germany. Such a pleasant news for bitcoin users has been recently uncovered by the country’s ministry of finance.  Read more


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