Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 27/02/2018

Crypto exchange operations will require customer ID in Malaysia

Malaysia’ major financial intuition has launched a fresh anti-money laundering initiative. The fresh clampdown will have to do with both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto services. From this particular moment the country’s crypto exchanges will require more personal information about their clients. Read more


Blockchain patents are pursued by China’s universities

In China, several top-tier public universities are currently stepping up their efforts to have some of the blockchain apps patented they’ve been developing.The move has emerged at a time when a growing number of Chinese companies are hunting for ways to patent blockchain-related solutions. The given effort turns to be in line with the authorities’ agenda in pushing forward with FinTech apps. China’s Zhejiang University is eager to patent a cloud-based blockchain system, capable of facilitiating cross-border payment transactions.  Read more


Global crypto standards are going to be revised by 35 countries

Up to 35 countries along with the European Commission have urged the Financial Action Task Force, which is in charge of setting global anti-money laundering policies, to have its standards revised relating to digital currencies.  Read more


Citowise will make crypto transactions safer

With the constantly growing number of digital currencies and tokens on the market, there’s a strong necessity to make crypto transactions safer and faster. Citowise is expected to have this long-lasting issue gracefully resolved.  The newly created platform will give users an excellent opportunity to make use of a well-secured crypto. Users can download it for free now.  Read more


Chinese businesses: authorities need to utilize bitcoin

Chinese businesses have heavily criticized the authorities’ severe approach to digital currencies as well as initial coin offerings, stressing that instead China requires utilizing exchange and mining operations just to derive benefits from it. For instance, China could sell extra power to miners in other countries, including Japan, South Korea and the United States. Read more


Rakuten will launch its own crypto asset

Rakuten, Japanese number one e-commerce company, boasting a $12.5 bln capitalization is geared up towards rolling out its own digital asset dubbed Rakuten Coin. Read more


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