Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 23/02/2018

Ubisoft considers the use of blockchain

Ubisoft, French video game publisher is currently considering potential applications of the cutting-edge blockchain technology in its Strategic Innovation Lab. The given lab was started to study emerging technologies as well as their use cases. The company is especially interested in the blockchain’s unique ability to provide ownership over digital stuff. Read more


Bank of China considers blockchain scaling solution

One of the four Chinese leading state-owned commercial financial institutions, Bank of China has already filed a patent application for a promising blockchain-based process.  The very essence of the idea is that a data compressing system could be utilized for the purpose of packing transactions from several blocks into a so-called data block. When the system is requested to have transactions compressed from a particular block, it forms a new data block, temporarily hosting it on a different storage system. Read more


669 crypto fraud cases reported in Japan

As Japan’s police agency informed, it has obtained up to 669 reports of hypothetical money laundering from the country’s crypto exchanges for the last eight months of the previous year. Read more


Blockchain is potentially capable of solving gambling issues

Blockchain casinos are getting extremely popular in today’s cyberspace. Being a digital ledger, employed to record online transactions in digital currencies, the blockchain technology can be successfully utilized to have gambling issues resolved. Read more


Blockchain can power next crude boom

The blockchain technology has radically changed the way transactions are carried out in today’s world. It has already made nearly any sector different. It applies to shipping, healthcare, real estate and banking. The oil industry isn’t an exception, as even such majors as Shell and BP are considering the use of blockchain to completely change the way crude is sold and purchased. Read more


Georgia Senate welcomes paying taxes in cryptocurrencies

The example of Arizona, whose Senate approved a bill, enabling the state’s taxpayers to utilize digital currencies to have their state income taxes paid, encouraged Georgia’s lawmakers to do the same. This week Georgia’s main legislative body passed the analogous bill. Read more

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