Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 22/02/2018

Venezuela discusses petro with Russia 

Statesmen from the Venezuelan as well as Russian authorities discussed Venezuela’s newly-started digital currency dubbed “petro”at a gathering in Moscow this week. Read more


Bitcoin bubble makes Playtech hedge its bets

Playtech happens to be the latest victim of the wild craze for crypto assets, accusing them of a material dive in profits in its financial division in 2017. Yesterday, the gambling technology supplier informed that the division, offering a contracts-for-difference trading service, enabling folks to bet on underlying price fluctuations in a variety of assets including digital currencies, turned to be heavily pressured by the 2017 crypto hype. As a result, it was deprived of $7.6 million. Read more


Cryptocurrency trading from Robinhood is available in five states

Robinhood, popular stock trading application has officially uncovered its crypto trading platform. It’s currently available in five US states. Aside from cryptocurrencies, the newly-released platform provides access to equities as well as exchange-traded funds. By the way, the service won’t charge commission, although trading fees are inevitable. Read more


Blockchain-friendly regulations are considered by Spanish authorities

The Spanish government is working on a blockchain-friendly legislation, with probable tax breaks just to attract businesses in the rapidly evolving blockchain technology sector, as Bloomberg Politics informed. Read more


Legalization of crypto assets could attract investors in Russia

Sergey Zhigarev, the chairman of the State Duma Committee for Economic Policy, drew attention to the necessity of the legalization of crypto assets at the latest parliamentary hearings on the development of the digital economy in the State Duma. That’s what Tass disclosed on Tuesday. He’s assured that the given approach will generate foreign investments, especially from those countries, whose sanctions are faced by Russia. Read more


Austin is eager to employ blockchain to help the homeless

The 7,000 homeless of Austin, Texas are unable to access a number of critical services, including potential employment, housing and medical care because of lost o stolen identification. The local authorities hope blockchain will help to resolve this issue.  Read more

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