Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 21/02/2018

Western Union makes use of Ripple’s xRapid

Western Union has just uncovered they’re testing Ripple’s xRapid technology. Undoubtedly, that’s good news for both businesses because improving liquidity in the remittance sector is urgently required. The solution suggests lower fees for clients as well as services providers. Read more


Blockchain Loyalty is acquired by Peerless Development

Today, Peerless Development uncovered that it has managed to acquire Blockchain Loyalty. In compliance with the share exchange pact, Peerless Development will roll out up to 250,000,000 common equities to have 100% of Blockchain Loyalty acquired. Read more


Votiro: Microsoft Word is vulnerable to mining malware  

Votiro, Israeli cypersecurity company ascertains it has already discovered a serious crypto mining vulnerability in one of the most popular text processors, Microsoft Word.  Each time a user watches a video in a Word document, his or her CPU is being employed for mining. This way, scams can make use of the user’s computer day and night for their dirty deeds. Read more


Bitcoin exchanges employ tech to make transaction 20% less expensive

One of the leading crypto exchanges Bitfinex and Coinbase are all geared up to making bitcoin transactions cheaper and faster, putting a lot of value on a newly-announced software update, dubbed  SegWit. As for fees, they are expected to inch down approximately 20%. Read more


Beat the game and grasp bitcoin for free!

Officially launched yesterday on Steam the new game dubbed the Bitcoin Enigma has already generated tons of interest. Being a first-person steampunk puzzler by genre the Bitcoin Enigma boasts one mind-blowing feature, enabling it to stand out from myriads of other video games – players can be rewarded one bitcoin if they manage to cope with 24 tough puzzles. Read more


Porn industry rolls out its own digital currency to pay folks for watching adult stuff

The Vice Industry Token is on the verge of rewarding its users. They just need to watch x-rated content to count on a pleasant prize. Viewers will have a great opportunity to have their newly-earned tokens redeemed for discounts on premium stuff as well as other services. In this case, the watch of dirty videos will be generating the bitcoin-like digital asset. Read more

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