Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 19/02/2018

Israel is on the verge of taxing bitcoin as property

On Monday, Israel’s authorities informed that they would treat bitcoin as well as other crypto assets as a sort of property. So it’s going to be taxed. Released in January, the draft circular explained that revenues from crypto assets are going to face capital gains tax, while rates will range from 20% to 25%. Read more


Lenovo needs blockchain-based verification tool for documents

As follows from Lenovo’s fresh patent filing, the Chinese tech giant could consider utilizing blockchain to have the validity of physical documents verified. The company stressed that it puts a lot of value on its cutting-edge set-up, making use of digital signatures, which are encoded in various physical documents. Computers can have such signatures processed just to verify the overall legitimacy of any document. Read more


Mark Carney labels bitcoin as “failed currency”

As a currency measured by traditional benchmarks, bitcoin can’t be considered to be a true currency at all. Moreover, it can’t be employed to purchase things to say nothing of being a solid store of value.  That’s what BoE Chief Mark Carney told on Monday. Read more


96,000 bitcoins are purchased by unknown investor

Someone anonymous purchased up to 96,000 bitcoins – the sum equivalent to over one billion US dollars. The purchase took place during the fresh crash that brought the popular crypto asset to the shocking bottom of $5,000. Read more


A $100M cash resort will emerge soon in Antigua

In the nearer future rich tourists will have a tempting opportunity to reserve rooms in a mind-blowing resort, which can be found in Antigua. Calvin Ayre, a wealthy founder of the the Bodog entertainment brand and the Ayre Group is currently building a luxurious five-star resort on Valley Church Beach, Antigua. That’s one of the most impressive investments made for the last time in cryptocurrencies. Read more


Ethereum creator foresees upcoming crypto crash

In the face of bitcoin’s striking volatility, which managed to tack on approximately 1000% the previous year, but demonstrated a steep dive in 2018, Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s creator has recently warned investors via Twitter that fresh, trendy crypto assets might slump even to complete zero and this might take place literally at any time.  Read more

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