Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 16/02/2018

3 companies are suspended by SEC due to crypto connection  

On Friday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission told that the trading of three companies has been suspended by it. It’s because it looks into statements made by them as for the buying of digital currencies as well as blockchain-related stuff. Read more


Japan’s finance regulator will have 15 unlicensed crypt exchanges scrutinized

The Japanese authorities told that inspections will cover up to 15 unlicensed crypto exchanges due to a recent devastating hacking attack. For instance, the Coincheck exchange was deprived of NEM tokens worth approximately $533 million in January. The inspection will focus on technical safety procedures as well as the management of clients’ finances. Read more


Crypto assets could impact marriages

Undoubtedly, the advent of digital currencies made a great number of folks wealthy and it took place without any government regulation in most cases. Crypto assets have started influencing various aspects of human life including marriages. Many spouses try hiding their money in their crypto wallets. As a result it might cause conflicts evolving into divorces.  Most probably to avert conflicts during divorces, spouses might be asked to have their crypto savings uncovered.  Read more


Silicon Valley: energy consumption from crypto mining should be taxed

That’s a common fact that crypto mining eats up mind-blowing amounts of energy. It’s even equivalent to the amount required to have a single home powered for weeks. Ro Khanna, Democratic congressman is assured that crypto mining needs to be taxed for this reason. Read more


Blockchain school is started in Moscow

Russia has opened its first blockchain school, mainly focusing on the technical nuances of the Ethereum network. Moscow’s Phystechpark is the place where the school has been started. The given institution appears to be one of the most crucial tech hubs for business development and capital in Russia. Read more


It’s high time to stop malicious websites from utilizing your computer for crypto needs

Mining crypto assets happens to be an excellent way of earning small amounts of extra income. However, sometimes it’s not you, improving your standard of living this way, but someone else using specialized malware on websites to infect your PC just to transform it into another crypto mining machine, although you won’t obtain newly-mined money in this case. Now let’s learn how guard against such attempts. Read more

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