Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 15/02/2018

Atari, game maker is about to roll out its own digital currency

Atari, the company behind such popular video games as Pong and Pac-Man is on the verge of launching its own crypto asset – Atari Token, as follows from the previous week’s announcement. Read more


Interpol hunts for bitcoin scams

On behalf of the Austrian government, Interpol is currently looking for suspects, who are reportedly bictoin scams. The suspects are believed to have affected approximately 10,000 investors in Austria as well as abroad.  As for losses inflicted by them, they account for tens of millions of US dollars. Read more


Bitcoin mining hampers the search for aliens

Dan Werthimer, SETI scientist, esploring extraterrestrial life in California complained this week that his organization failed to purchase enough GPUs, and he blames crypto miners for this, as they had purchased tons of this stuff. As a result, the search for aliens is awfully hampered. It’s much easier to explore extraterrestrial stuff with the help of high-end GPUs with a considerable amount of memory. Read more


Higher rates for bitcoin miners are considered by Hydro-Quebec

Hydro-Quebec might consider lifting its rates for energy-hungry crypto miners in the province.  Marc-Antoine Pouliot, the company’s representative informed that over 100 cryptocurrency companies are willing to come to Quebec because they urgently require affordable sources of energy for their computers, constantly solving the equations to back crypto assets. Read more


American watchdog draws attention to pump-and-dump schemes  

On Thursday, the American derivatives watchdog warned investors against so-called crypto pump-and-dump scams, concerned with ripping off folks by simply inflating the price of fluctuating virtual tokens by means of spreading bogus information. Read more


Citibank India makes it difficult for its customer to purchase crypto

It feels like the overall situation with crypto assets is somewhat gloomy in India. The country’s authorities have announced their intention to have digital assets regulated. However, it’s unclear yet how it all could be carried out. Read more


Block is enabled by Sama for closs-border payments

Saudi Arabia’s major financial institution has already teamed up with Ripple to modify the country’s payment infrastructure. Read more


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