Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 14/02/2018

Moody’s: CME’s risk rating won’t be hurt by bitcoin volatility

On Wednesday, Moody’s credit rating service told that it’s assured that the launch of bitcoin futures won’t affect the overall creditworthiness of both Cboe and CME. Read more


Ripple payments tech will be tested by Saudi major bank

Ripple, distributed ledger startup has made a deal with Saudi Arabia’s major financial institution on a pilot program, which will see local banks trial the firm’s tech. Read more


Ripple is tapped by Western Union for blockchain trial

The world’s number one money transfer service, Western Union has uncovered that it’s actually facing a blockchain-based payments trial with Ripple. The company’s representative officially confirmed the pact in an interview, adding that the firm is currently trying to figure out how effective blockchain transactions could be. Read more


ICO awareness is what China’s Internet finance regulator calls for

The Chinese government might focus on educating its citizens about the use of cryptocurrencies. Special attention is going to be paid to ICOs as well as investment scams. The given stance definitely marks a fresh policy approach taken by the Chinese government, where risk-tips for ordinary people as for the risks of digital currencies and scams are given the top priority. Read more


European bankers make a mock of bitcoin for its enormous energy inefficiency and risks

A leading German banker informed on Wednesday that substituting cash for bitcoin as well as similar crypto assets appears to be risky. As follows from this, it can’t serve as a good means of exchange. Any crypto-tokens aren’t required to ensure financial stability in the European Union. Read more


Readers’ spare computing power is utilized by Salon to mine crypto assets

From this moment readers’ spare computing power will be utilized by Salon, a progressive popular website to mine digital currencies. In this particular case the company is geared up to mining Monero, a crypto coin, mainly known for its anonymity.  Read more


WePay CEO: crypto payments aren’t required

Bill Clerico, CEO of WePay revealed in an interview that notwithstanding the company happens to be client-oriented, they still don’t have enough requests to start backing crypto transactions. Read more

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