Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 13/02/2018

Salon allows readers to choose between mining Monero and ads

Salon, digital media publication is currently offering its clients an alternative to conventional online advertisements: enabling the website to utilize their computer processing power to have crypto assets mined. Read more


Telegram shouldn’t be blamed for mining malware attacks

Kaspersky Lab, Russian cybersecurity company has informed that a vulnerability in Telegram’s messaging applicaton had been employed to turn desktop computers into crypto-mining machines. However, this accusation has been timely debunked by Pavel Durov, Telegram creator. As Durov stressed, antivirus companies are used to exaggerating such issues, that’s why their statements need to be considered critically. Read more


Capital Mandates for ICO organizers are proposed by Russian Ministry

A long-awaited law has been offered by one of the government ministries of Russia. If it’s officially passed, a capital requirement for ICO issuers are going to be introduced. One of the most crucial elements of the proposal is that ICO issuers needs to own at least 100 million rubles and they need to have an officially proved legal entity status within the Russian territory. Read more


Mario Draghi: It’s not up to ECB to regulate bitcoin

President of the ECB, Mario Draghi pointed out that it’s not his organization’s duty to have cryptocurrencies regulated. When asked about buying bitcoin, he replied that it wouldn’t be a rational move, considering an unsteady nature of this crypto currency. Read more


In Iceland bitcoin miners might deprive the country of energy

In Iceland, bitcoin mining is eating up excessive amounts of energy, and even local officials are concerned over terrifying fact that in the nearest futures there will be no energy to run Iceland. Overwhelmed with renewable energy, Iceland is getting more tempting for huge flocks of crypto miners. Unfortunately, extensive crypto mining threatens Iceland’s energy infrastructure. Read more


Cryptocurrency exchanges should self-regulate, shouldn’t they?

Everlasting scandals and hacks at crypto exchanges have made rather a negative reputation for crypto assets. Unfortunately, banks worldwide are very slow when it comes to regulating such assents. That’s why it makes sense to allow crypto exchange to regulate themselves. The measure would work in tandem with government efforts. Read more


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