Crypto mining malware attacks Tesla’s cloud

On Tuesday, RedLock, cybersecurity software company informed that scams had made the most of a vulnerable Kubernetes console with the aim of accessing and siphoning computer processing resources of Tesla’s cloud environment just to mine crypto assets. The company told that it spotted and then immediately reported it to Tesla a couple of months ago.

Tesla’s representative told that due to the incident customer information was unavailable. He added that they came up with a sound bub bounty program for the purpose of encouraging this type of research. He added that it took them several hours to thoroughly explore the weak point and have it adequately addressed.

He also told that the overall impact didn’t go beyond internationally-employed engineering text vehicles, and their initial investigation didn’t find any signs that vehicle safety as well as customer privacy or general security was sacrificed or at least compromised.

In this case scams utilized mining pool software and had it hidden by means of CloudFlare.

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