Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 26/02/2018

The sum of $26 million in ether is returned by hacker after ICO fraud

A hacker who managed to thieve over 43,000 ether tokens from CoinDash has shockingly returned a majority of the finances to the startup. As the company informed, it took the scam two transactions to have 30,000 tokens returned. The first took place in September 2017, while the second occurred last Friday. The funds got back to CoinDash’s wallet. The newly-returned tokens were worth approximately $26 million. Read more


European Union official uncovers upcoming rules for crypto assets

Fresh regulations as for crypto assets and other blockchain-based stuff could be worked out in the nearer months.  That’s what a European Union representative uncovered on Monday. Read more


Software upgrade with SegWit support is released by Bitcoin Core

The Bitcoin Core development team has already rolled out a highly-anticipated software upgrade specially developed to assist in scaling the crypto network.  The version 0.16.0 of Bitcoin Core gives complete support for SegWit in the user interface. The update is expected to have bitcoin’s scalability obstacles resolved. By simply separating transactional data and signature, SegWit cuts the size of transactions, thus creating more room in any block. It doesn’t steps up the network’s block size limit, although it increases the volume of probable transactions. Read more


Bitcoin is crawling into real estate generating extra risks

In 2015 Miami realtors jumped with both feet into the world of cryptocurrencies, trying their hand at crypto transactions – they tried to have a home sold only for bitcoin. In 2018 such a use of crypto assets doesn’t seem to be extraordinary any longer. Nevertheless, bitcoin’s wild swings still makes such undertakings risky enough, although extremely intriguing. Read more


EOS crypto asset: what is it?

For the last 24 hours a fresh digital currency dubbed EOS managed to ascend over 6%, demonstrating an outcome of $8.26 a token. Many financial experts consider EOS to be one of the most promising tokens around the globe. As for its global market cap, it’s currently estimated at $5.8 billion. Read more


Blockchain accelerator is launched by Giant JD.com

JD.com, China’s e-commerce giant has just uncovered its brand new AI Catapult Accelerator. That’s an accelerator software tool expected to unlock the whole transformative potential of various startups, boasting striking talent in the crypto world. Read more

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