Daily Crypto News Digest: 7 hot news for 29/01/2018

Ex-Ripple employees raise funds for crypto hedge fund

Ripple’s two ex-staffers Eli Lang and Tim Lewkow are currently raising funds for a cryptocurrency hedge fund Fractal Investments, investing in digital currencies. Read more


Chinese Finance Association warns against overseas crypto trading

The National Internet Finance Association of China has already rolled out a fresh public notice, warning investors against risks closely connected with crypto trading via overseas platforms.  Read more


Japan will scrutinize crypto exchange security following massive theft

Japanese regulators are geared up towards scrutinizing all the country’s crypto exchanges for security shortfalls reacting to a series of hacker attacks resulting in the shocking $530 m. theft from Tokyo-based Coincheck. Read more


Crypto repo solution dubbed Oxygen is launched by Changelly

Oxygen, developed by Changelly has just uncovered its long-awaited launch. That’s one of the first decentralized repo trading solutions for the crypto world.  It’s going to provide holders of crypto assets with mind-blowing opportunities to make money and also take wise investment views across an array of up-to-date crypto assets. Read more


Healthcare industry could be revolutionary altered by blockchain

Blockchain can do a lot. Apart from making businesses more cost effective and safer, it can radically transform the whole healthcare industry. As we know, today’s healthcare sector is very inefficient due to fragmented systems as well as low data visibility across various stakeholders.  Blockchain can let multiple parties share information and have inter-organization processes perform in the automated mode. Read more


Japanese pop stars opt for crypto wage

Participants of the Virtual Currency Girls, a Japanese girl pop band, told that they rejected an offer to get paid in the country’s national currency, as they would better appreciate receiving a crypto wage notwithstanding recent hacker attacks, making the Japanese authorities less tolerant of all crypto deeds. Read more


SEC is looking forward to regulating digital currencies

On Monday, Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines told that it’s working on rules to have crypto transactions regulated for the purpose of protecting investors and reducing the overall risk of fraud. The regulator is expected to roll out the rules this year. Read more

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